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  • Building Rail Solutions
  • Safe and Serviceable
  • Environmental Sustainable
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BloorRail is highly respected in the industry for delivering quality solutions on time and within budget. We are committed to remaining vigilant to the individual challenges and needs of our clients. We dedicate our knowledge, resources and experienced teams to meeting their requirements regardless of location or urgency. We are known for our certainty in delivery.

All work is carried out with an absolute commitment to safety, the environment and quality. We pride ourselves on a sustainable future, and it is company policy to:

  • Providing a safe and serviceable network.
  • Protect and enhance the environment.
  • Improve our environmental performance and, where possible, prevent pollution, minimise and control our wastes.
  • Ensure all our sites, offices and facilities comply with applicable legislation, and to act accordingly towards environmental protection and improvement. 
  • Regularly review and upgrade our business processes, and be open and honest with government authorities and the community on all environmental issues.
  • Providing true value for money.
  • Achieve growth.
  • Continuing to provide training and mentoring to our people.